Here are some recordings, from two sources. This first set was made in 1995, when Beaulieu Estate set out to record reminiscences of local people who had lived and worked on the estate. The second, on the next page, was from an unknown interviewer, probably in 1994, and deals primarily with WW2.

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Beaulieu recordings, 28/02/1995

1. Early years at Lepe, starts as a footman at Palace House:

2. Life as a footman:

3. Life as a footman, started work at Fawley Refinery:

4. Fawley Refinery and after the War; became warden of the bird sanctuary:

5. Wardening duties on the bird sanctuary, dealing with poachers and egg thieves:

6. Violence at the hands of egg thieves; other trespassers on the sanctuary; bureaucracy:

7. Dealing with predators; behaviour of black-headed gulls; decline of the sanctuary; ducks on the sanctuary:

8. Rescuing people on the river; sailing and fishing boats; unusual animals on the sanctuary; sex lives of rare beetles; other birds:

9. Busiest time of the year; tactics of egg thieves; fines for egg theft; changes in technology; frustration with bureaucracy:

10. Changes in bird numbers; culling predators; more egg thieving and bureaucracy:

11. Flooding; birds can recognise their own eggs; more thieving; bureaucracy; unusual horse incident; Rumbuster; naval idiots:

12. Frequency of visits to Gull Island; sounds of the gulls:

13. Wages and working conditions at Palace House, Beaulieu; late-night escapades; great respect for Pearl Pleydell-Bouverie; looking after Montagu children; friendships with fellow employees:

14. Holidays and time off; dancing; duties as a footman; meals for the staff; wines:

15. Busiest times of the year in Palace House; more dancing; origin of the nickname ‘Joe’: